A leather bag tells your story, it is like a mirror of the life you live. Leather is beautiful natural material which develops its own patina over time. Starting with a beautiful pale tan shade, it eventually develops into any range of browns through wear and use. In-love with traveling? Ambitious professional? Entrepreneur? Dedicated to class and style? Whatever your drive is you deserve a timeless and long lasting piece to accompany you achieving your goals and preserve your story. Go ahead and explore which design makes you feel good and fit who your are. 

Forget about boring bags! You wear your bag on a daily basis so it should look awesome. This is why at Buckle & Seam you can choose among variety of inside-prints (10 in total), made out of 100% cotton. Not sure which print to choose? Think about what kind of person you are. If you like classics and simplicity we recommend considering the dots, checked, stripes or blue prints. More of a funky kind of guy? Then in this case tropical, boats, blue anchors as well as paper planes are perfect choice. Lastly, don't forget to check if there are any limited edition prints designed specially for the ongoing season. 

Make it truly special and yours. Choose any engraving you would like to display on your bag up to 14 characters. For business bags engraving is displayed bottom right on the back of the bag, whereas engraving for travel bags is on the handle as displayed on the picture on the right. Note that this handle is removable!
Also worth mentioning is that for all our business and travel bags there is free shipping worldwide, 2 year warranty and delivery is fast!