Weihnachtsgeschenke für Männer

Christmas gifts for men


It's that time again, the same procedure every year. December comes and half of your friends and relatives get lost in the Christmas madness, the other half groans in annoyance every time “Last Christmas” comes on the radio again or is played by the musicians in the subway.

And for you? For you, Christmas means a colorful mix of everything. Delicious cookies, fragrant mulled wine, time with people you really like, cozy evenings in front of the TV and still: sorting out the stress of presents and Christmas decorations.

All in all, Christmas is beautiful and the time leading up to it is pure anticipation. Looking forward to the evening of the year when you eat more than ever before without a guilty conscience. Looking forward to going home again and having the whole family around you. Looking forward to finally getting Christmas presents again.


Anyone who wants a white Christmas in Germany is not in particularly good hands in many federal states. So that the rest of your Christmas ideas don't turn out to be so depressing, it's helpful to think about your Christmas gift ideas for your partner and in-laws early enough. It often seems like the older you get, the more Christmas presents you have to buy. As a child, everything is much easier. Mom and Dad buy the gifts for the siblings and a self-drawn “voucher booklet” with things like “voucher for emptying the dishwasher” or “voucher for a hug” is sufficient as a gift for mom and dad. Although it's the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, you're especially happy about them when you can actually do something with them.


Sometimes you just need luck and a flash of inspiration to find the perfect gift. There are hundreds of articles about which Christmas gifts are particularly suitable for men. Most of the supposedly perfect Christmas gifts for your father, brother or partner on these websites or in the articles have something to do with barbecue, football, beer or cars. How original. Fortunately, this image of men has been changing over the last few years. There's nothing wrong with liking barbecue, football, beer and cars. There are just other things that men like and that are at least as suitable as a Christmas present as a football jersey.

The perfect gift


If you want to find the ideal Christmas present with us, it's best to look at the situation in which your loved ones are currently. Just fresh out of school? Your brother needs a leather travel bag! About to get promoted? Your friend or partner needs a new briefcase or an elegant laptop sleeve. Your father discovered his love for day trips into nature? Give him his new practical backpack so he can always carry all his essentials with him. With us you will find the right Christmas present for all of these situations and you also have the option of designing it individually depending on the model.

Our accessories


How about our top seller Linwood as a Christmas present for your friend. The practical weekender offers the prospect of great weekend trips for two. Like almost all of our leather products, it is available in soft brown or rich black-blue with variable inner lining. Add the initials of your significant other engraved and you have the perfect gift. Or our practical leather shoulder bag Cara. Perfect for the father who wants to reinvent himself and doesn't need an expensive car. Made from fine cowhide leather and golden metal elements, this bag is not only functional, but also a definite eye-catcher in the office. You will also find the right Christmas gifts for your most loyal employees and colleagues. How about our new Lima leather card case or the tried and tested Concorde passport case? So you can be sure that your employees are always stylishly equipped, even on business trips.



Anyone who gives a Christmas present from Buckle & Seam is also giving a quality, fair values ​​and support for the school education of young girls in Karachi, Pakistan. The #OneBagOneChild initiative founded by Buckle & Seam ensures that three percent of the revenue of every product sold is donated to the Anum School in Karachi. The goal of Buckle & Seam is to enable at least 10,000 girls in Pakistan to attend school. You can become part of it. And if you give our items, you can make it possible for others to become part of it too.



If you give Buckle & Seam this year, you don't have to worry too much about the gift for next year. Thanks to our constantly growing range, you have the opportunity to access new products every year. This year, to match your new job, the Sullivan suit bag in which every suit will keep its shape even on longer business trips and next year the Willow travel bag for a well-deserved vacation. Additionally, our optimal leather care product made from natural raw materials and your gifts will last a lifetime.

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