Education for all.

We have learned to inform and listen, to inspire and motivate people, to appreciate small steps and accept criticism and much more! But not everyone in the world has the chance or opportunity to enjoy an education like we do.

263 million children worldwide do not have access to education. That what's motivated us to establish Buckle & Seam. We want to create change and ensure that children can go to school. While our founders were living and working in Pakistan, they were faced with a daily challenge - that the people they worked with had little to no literacy skills.

  • 3%

    of our revenue are invested in Initiatives and School Projects in Pakistan.

  • 22.8M

    Children don't go to school in Pakistan.

  • 1041

    Children received their education through you.

  • 10.000

    Children that we want to send to school.

Our mission is change.

We believe that education is the key to success and equality in personal and professional life - and therefore at the heart of our company. Today, thanks to our community, we are able to support the construction and equipment of schools, as well as the funding of initiatives for teachers.


We invest 3%.

Since our founding in 2016, we have invested 3% of our net sales in educational initiatives and in our own school project, the AMN School. We want to enable children - especially girls - to go to school. According to Unicef, only 59% of the population in Pakistan can read and write. More than 30% less than in Germany.

So far, we have been able to send more than 1,000 children to school, giving them the chance to lead a self-determined life and earn their own income. A small contribution with a big life-changing impact! Not only for the children, but also for their families. However, above all a great success for young women, whose role in society has been greatly neglected and is now being consciously strengthened through education and the opportunities for the future that are arising.


141 students attend our own school every year .

Since 2016, we have been supporting the AMN School through our One Bag. One Child Program. Today, the school is already attended by 141 students every year. They learn reading, writing and English in addition to other subjects such as hygiene, tolerance and respect.

Other initiatives we support include The Citizens Foundation , Digital Career Institute and Deaf Reach . We mainly support young people with disabilities who have difficult access to education and further development.

Do you want to do more?

We are happy about your motivation and that you share our values. Since you are carrying our mission out into the world with your Buckle & Seam bag, you are already doing a lot! If you recommend us to friends or colleagues, we can do even more together and reach our goal faster. In our online shop you also have the opportunity to make a donation in the checkout. You can either add a percentage of your order or enter a specific amount of money that will go directly to AMN School.

Every purchase provides a child with education.