Our Charakter Sale products have minor cosmetic imperfections but are fully functional and heavily discounted. Each piece is a surprise as colors may vary, and you'll find out the specific color only upon receiving your product. Enjoy your purchase!

Imperfection gives character, and character is perfection!

Our Charakter Sale products feature minor cosmetic imperfections yet remain exceptional companions for both travel and everyday use. With limited quantities available and images that may differ from the originals, we ensure mutual satisfaction by offering these items at a 50% discount compared to their regular prices.

What makes purchasing a Charakter Sale product unique is the surprise of its color upon delivery—you'll only discover the outer and inner color scheme once you hold it in your hands. If you've set your sights on a Charakter product that's currently out of stock, worry not! Simply sign up for notifications, and we'll promptly inform you when it becomes available again.

Please note, due to these minor imperfections, Charakter Sale products are excluded from exchanges or returns, including items personalized with engravings.

Important information

Character Sale FAQ

Color & Inner Lining

When purchasing a Charakter Sale product, each order is an exciting surprise as the color and inner lining of the delivered item may vary. The images serve as illustrations, but you'll discover the final color scheme and inner lining only once you have the product in your hands.

Personal Engraving

Charakter Sale products can also be personalized with a custom engraving at no additional cost.

Returns & Exchanges

Please note that due to minor cosmetic imperfections, Charakter Sale products are excluded from returns or exchanges.