Welche Tasche passt zu welcher Branche?

Which bag suits which profession?


The luck of the current generations is that we can free ourselves from traditions. There is no longer just one right way, but everyone has a personal path. Women work in jobs that previously only men worked in and vice versa. Some do an apprenticeship or two or three and others start studying, drop out and start something new. There are fewer rules to follow. People are more free in their own-development. That's why the question of what you actually want to be is getting more and more difficult. Especially because there are so many different options. Still, things are better today. For example, today everyone in Germany has the opportunity to study; previously this was just an expensive luxury. Today it is standard that you can afford if you want.


After studying or training, most people start working life, but that looks different for everyone. Although the rules more flexible in recent years and decades, one thing still applies in many areas: clothes make the man.

Anyone who knows this title from their school days has probably not been spared from reading Gottfried Keller's novella. For those who don't know, a short summary. The story is about how a poor, unemployed tailor manages to give the impression that he is a rich count using only his elegant clothes. Because the others get this impression of him, the doors to the world of the “rich and beautiful” are suddenly open to him.

Meaning, whoever looks appropriate has it easier in the world.

That's why we're providing you with the guide here that promises you the perfect bag for your industry.


That's nonsense, of course. There is no dress code in the university. It is probably no less important to people at any time what exactly you are wearing and how many times you have showered this week. Nevertheless, that is no reason to let yourself go. You can also meet potential future business partners or important people at university. This doesn't mean that you should rush to class every day wearing a suit, but rather that you could at least leave your sweatpants at home. In addition, at this point in your life it is most important that you carry everything you need with you for a long day in the library. So folders, laptop, food, charging cables, pens, paper and whatever else you can't do without. In order to be able to carry everything with you and still stay organized, we recommend a backpack. Our roll-top backpack Fuad or the leather backpack Siwa are particularly practical. These two models guarantee you perfect access to all your belongings without the hassle of digging around.

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Almost nowhere is a serious appearance as important as in a job interview. This is about presenting yourself and your qualities in such a way that your contact person can no longer imagine a future without you. This means your outfit has to be right! Anyone who comes empty-handed always seems a little lost. An elegant, but also sporty and modern solution for this is the Cali laptop bag . In brown or black-blue it will definitely make the right impression.

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Whether during your training or later, your first internship will come.

Of course, this depends on the company you choose, but it is still important that you can take notes. No matter whether in digital or analogue form. Anyone who now relies on the digital form is well equipped with a laptop sleeve as a work bag for their internship. Depending on which industry this takes place in, you can choose between classic leather or light canvas. Choose between the Terra and Jake laptop sleeves and be sure that you can't make a wrong choice. In addition to your notebook, there is also space for a notepad, smartphone, headphones and charging cable. If that's not enough space for you, you can also use an elegant, sporty backpack for your internship.

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Anyone who worked in a start-up while at university will probably get started straight away after graduating. Nevertheless, a start-up is not a financial company where a tie is considered good etiquette. Shirt and dark jeans are still an absolute go-to. The same goes for the hip advertising agency you applied to last week. In these industries, you don't need a briefcase as a work bag for the office. It's best to travel here with a backpack or a shoulder bag that definitely offers space for your essentials. For example, our Everett business briefcase made of canvas and leather, which can be used as a carrying or shoulder bag. Or our leather backpack Leon with an extra padded laptop compartment.


If you've always been good with numbers and university and internships have paved your prepared into the financial industry or law firm, you're ready now. Your first briefcase!

Work bags for men have been around for ages. The classic briefcase model in particular has proven itself for decades. This is mainly because a backpack simply doesn't go with a suit. Here it is best to use a model in dark colors. Brown, black or blue are always an elegant option and are guaranteed to match your choice of suits.

If you choose the classic route, the Sierra briefcase is the perfect work bag for the office. Functional size, elegant closure buckle and the possibility of converting it into a shoulder bag make it your ideal companion in all situations. It also offers a practical trolley solution so that you are stylishly equipped even on business trips. If you prefer to take the more modern style, you will find your new it-piece in our Ralph document folder . Available with or without handle.

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