Welches Geschenk zu welchem Anlass?

Which gift for which occasion?


The princes already asked themselves in 1994 what the perfect gift was. In the cult song “Was soll ich ihr schenken?" (What should I give her?) the three musicians address the question in great detail, but only agree on what they don’t want to give away. Rubber tree and bath foam fall out. Cash gifts went out of fashion years ago and far too impersonal.

And what about something that lasts a lifetime? Something practical with tons of style? Something individual, whether for your father, your brother, your boyfriend or your husband? What about one of our handmade leather bags engraved with the recipient's initials?


You are perfectly organized, you have a calendar with all the important events of the year, which reminds you of everything and always makes you look good because you never forget a birthday or an anniversary. Your calendar also reminds you to look for the right birthday present in time. But how are you supposed to know who to give what to and when if no one ever wants anything?

We can remedy the situation.

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On average, people give birthday presents twice a year.

Now you're tired of giving away gift vouchers and your supply of exotic spirits is slowly disappearing. Then try it with us. For a birthday it can be something bigger and no matter what situation the person receiving the gift is in at the moment, you will always find the right thing with us. Your brother handed in his master's thesis last month and is now fully on his way to working life? When you graduate, give away our Sierra briefcase, the practical leather bag with a timeless design and plenty of storage space for everything you need for everyday office life. Your best friend from your childhood is actually getting married and you're still missing the ideal wedding present? Take a closer look at our travel bag collection. The Weekender Willow offers enough space for everything he and his chosen one need for a weekend by the sea. Not only you are giving him something special, but you are also proving that you have put some thought into it and that there are also gifts for men who actually already have everything.


These are all dates that repeat every year and you should ensure that they are still something extraordinary every year. The InStyle claims wallets are number six on the top 10 gifts for men. We say that anyone who gives away one of our high-quality card holders , such as Flint , or our beautiful leather wallet Bill , will end up in first place! If you are looking for a perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend or partner for Valentine's Day, you are also well looked after here. No matter what type of man your husband is, we have the right thing for him. Brand new in our range you will find our Asado cooking apron , made from real cowhide, equipped with several pockets, it is the perfect companion for the cooking enthusiasts among you. Whether you're outside at the grill or in the kitchen in front of the stove preparing a delicious one-pot pasta, no one has to worry about grease splatters and the outfit stays clean for the romantic dinner afterwards.


If your loved one is more of an outdoor junkie who always has to be outside and on the move, our leather backpack Leon is the right gift for him. Leon takes everything he needs for a day in nature. Drinking bottle, lunch box, camera and rain jacket, everything has space and is safely stored, even if the trip becomes a little more arduous. At Christmas you often have to buy more than one gift, which is practical when you can easily do this online and a shop already provides you with a large selection. The right gift for your father? Our Business Briefcase Everett . The right gift for your son? The new, stylish roll-top backpack Fuad . The right gift for your brother? Weekender Linwood .

The best thing about our products, however, is that you can show your loved ones how important they are to you with an individual engraving. So everyone gets a personalized gift .


The good thing about gifts from Buckle & Seam is that they don't have to be one-off. Anyone who gives away one of our bags this year can give away the matching card case next year, or our leather care product made from natural raw materials.

On top of that, we ensure that our range is constantly expanding; our newcomers Fuad, Cusco, Lima and Nevada were recently added. So it's worth staying up to date.


The extraordinary thing about our products is not only the possibility of having each of them individually engraved, but also the way they are manufactured and produced. All our products are handmade and made from genuine cowhide leather from northern Pakistan. Pakistan is also the country where our production takes place. Because material procurement and production take place in the same country, we save transport routes, money and CO2 emissions. The money saved during production enables us, our local producers, to be able to pay a wage that is approximately three times what they would normally earn in this region.

Added to this is our #OneBagOneChild initiative .

This initiative guarantees our buyers that three percent of total sales will be donated to Anum School in Karachi. in Pakistan, these three percent ensure that school education is made possible and easier for young girls. What could be better at Christmas than not only giving away nice things, but also being able to do something unselfish? Probably nothing at all.


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